We are thrilled to share with you all that Sam has been named one of only 5 Finalists in the Prestigious CONTESSA AWARDS 2021/2022.

After so much success in Australia with her collection L I M I T L E S 5, shot on the beautiful cliff tops of South Australia, Sam has been recognized on a global level being named International Hairstylist of the Year Finalist. The Contessa Awards are held in Canada with thousands of entries every year. Sadly, no awards night to frock up for, but we’ll be tuning in LIVE online for the big announcement.

“This collection and entire experience was about pushing past my own boundaries and restrictions I have limited myself to previously. My previous ‘go to’ areas of inspiration have always been travel, architecture, fashion, Art etc. The fact that I feel so comfortable within these realms, sent me in a different direction. The key inspiration for the collection was something I’m very focused on within our industry. To give respectful references to the multi-cultural society and hair types we have here in Australia. I wanted to highlight the unique hair textures that exist within our collective sisterhood, that being African, Asian and Anglo-Saxon hair, as well as a nod to the history of that culture. This presented its own need for knowledge and experience, for me to execute.”

Collection Credits –

Hair Colour and Styling – Sam James

Photographer – Haley Renee

Make up – Melissa Norris

Styling – Cimon Vozzo

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