The Consultation Process

As every one of our clients have unique concerns and their own hair vision, SJ’s consultation process is tailored to suit you! We encourage enquiries via email or phone but face to face is where the magic happens.

Once we receive your enquiry, you will receive our extension information and price guide. This includes information about our hand-tied wefts, installation methods, pricing and the entire process.

Before making your installation appointment, an in-salon consultation is required to ensure our extensions are suitable for you.

Premium Quality Adelaide Hair Extensions
With Australia's Award-Winning Stylists.

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Helping all women look & feel


Hair Extensions are known for transforming how we look, but to see the dramatic change with how our clients feel after they step out of our chair, is the real WOW.

At SJ’s, our award-Winning Stylists guide you through the whole Extensions process. Starting with a thorough consultation around aesthetic and lifestyle wants and needs, our team of highly skilled specialists step you right through your extension choices, maintenance plan and of course, your very own colour and cut customisation.

If you are new to the world of amazing hair, you are in for a treat and if you are an experienced advocate for Hair Extensions, you will be wowed by the quality of our premium hair, personalised service, and attention to detail.


Our Ethos as a Multi Award-Winning business through all our Hair Services is and always will be looking after the integrity and longevity of our clients’ hair, always prioritising CONDITION FIRST.

This is why we choose to partner with Local Adelaide Owned brand YOVANKA LORIA Hair Extensions. Known for being the highest quality hair through the creation of their very own luxury line of hand-tied wefts, YL Extensions is a product we truly believe in to make your Hair dreams possible.

The unique nature of YL hair, enables us to build even thickness, root to tip whilst being confident you will have invisible, seamless results. With the thinnest wefts on the market, we can layer different colours and sizes to create your perfect shape, shade, and length, all whilst maintaining optimum condition of your own hair.

With our strong focus on condition, you will be blown away by the results and improvement of the natural hair after only the first few months. Our sewing system ensures no glue, heat or residue left overs effecting the longevity of the premium hair we use, and no unexpected damage to your hair.

When cared for at home following all our Do’s and Don’ts, you can expect your hair to last 6-12 months.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing your extension specialist can be a hard task, but when you choose SJ’s you can feel confident that you are supporting local, enjoying quality services, value with long lasting premium hair and colour products, all with a team that are recognized nationally and globally for their incredible skills and knowledge.

Hair Extensions Pricing

  Experienced Stylist Emerging Stylist
14” 75gms From $976   – 15%
14” 150gms From $1,764   – 15%
18” 75gms From $1,208   – 15%
18” 150gms From $2093   – 15%
22” 192grams Minimum From $2916   – 15%
2 x Minis 14” $360   – 15%
2 x Minis 18” $410   – 15%


Experienced Stylist Emerging Stylist
1 Row Move Up $170  – 15%
2 Row Move Up $250  – 15%

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because there is no glue, tape or bonding method used on your natural hair, we sew our wefts in. Our stylists choose the right tension for your hair texture when creating your track and the extensions are simply sewn to the track using a durable thread. When looked after well with all the right home care there is no matting, also protecting your natural hair. It is so essential to make sure you are seeing an experienced extension technician to avoid unnecessary damage.

Yes, extensions can be coloured, and we can match them to whatever you need, but it is not recommended to be lightened. However, with the incredible colour range of YL extensions, we tend to create your dream colour with your wefts and blend the top to your existing colour. This helps ensure longevity of the colour too as it’s how they come to us.

We recommend between 6-8 weeks to ensure looking after both the extensions and your natural hair.

We recommend 1-2 times a week.

Yes, our hair extensions are 100% human hair.

We recommend that your hair is at least touching your shoulders to add length and achieve seamless results, for shorter hair, we recommend roughly the same length to add thickness, until it has grown to the shoulder area.

We apply our wefts with a track miro beaded system and the hair wefts are then sewn onto the track.

We say with using all the right products and doing all the right things, 6-12 months is our guide. The reason it’s so varied for everyone is due to how much heat styling, washing, drying, and the types of products that are used on the extensions. This is only the case if minimal heat is used on them when styling and our strict home protocol is adhered to.

NO!! we advise that you do not expose your hair extensions to saltwater or chlorine. Both colour and condition will be affected by these sorts of water.

No, in fact in most cases it grows quicker as you find you are not doing as much to your hair, washing it less and more aware of looking after it properly.

Yes, you do for your first full installation to ensure we have enough of the colors we need and the appropriate time booked in to colour match and cut them in.