SJ Establishment is a Sustainable Salon! But what does it mean?

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If you know us, you would of heard us talking about how excited we are to be a Sustainable Salon. But just so you all know exactly how much you are all helping, we’ve spelt it out for you. So tell your friends where your hair goes and how you’re contributing to changing the planet, as every time you visit the salon you are helping to reduce our ecological footprint, achieve zero waste and support charitable causes.


When you come in for a haircut, big or small, all clippings are used to make Hair Booms which help clean up oil spills in the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are having a big chop (20cm or more) you can donate the ponytails to make wigs for those suffering from cancer.

Pictured below are some of our amazing clients of all ages that have donated their ponytails to this incredible cause. 


All metals such as colour tubes, razor blades and broken tools are sold for recycling and the profits are donated to OZHARVEST to provide meals for disadvantaged Australians. ​


This is a big one – The many meters of aluminium foil we use to give you beautiful colours, is now recycled and reused by colorists for other colours.


Paper, magazines and cardboard are sold for recycling and the profits from these also go to OZHARVEST. Sustainable Salons Australia network donates 2,000 meals every month.


Any leftover chemicals such as hair dye are sent to a chemical recycling plant to be neutralized and turned into recycled water used on road works and construction.


All plastic materials are sent to plastics recyclers such as Plastic Forests, They are cleaned and made into plastic bottles, packaging, outdoor furniture and underground sheeting to protect the NBN.
So a very cool and necessary initiative to be partnered with and you help every time you come to see us, so Thank you from the Planet.