After many, many, many years of dabbling with all kinds of extensions, this is a decision I am very sure about. Using hand tied weft extensions, is without a doubt the safest, and most effective way of wearing Hair Extensions. I myself, was skeptical, but was assured I would fall in love with them. I hated my hair after shredding kilos of it after stopping breast feeding, so as I was going chop my hair soon anyway, I said why not. I’ve always wanted a system that I could believe in and trust, that would be gentle on my clients hair. I’ve done extensions on clients over the years, but only on clients with hair that can cope with it, and that will do all the right things which can be quite high maintenance with some brands.

When looking at Yovanka Loria Hand Tied Wefts, the first thing that stood out was the incredible quality and fullness of the wefts, then the perfect color selection and then the feeling of each hair strand. Once installed…. I just knew they were going to be my next project to bring into the salon for all of you.

So what’s different about Hand Tied Wefts….

The way these are made ensures the highest level of quality control and thorough sewing of the hair onto the wefts. If sewn incorrectly you can see straight away and they never make it out of the warehouse. This means once they are sewn, its near impossible for them to shed hair. Look after them and use the right brush and they’ll last you very well! 6-12 months from our experience.

Why choose WEFTS……

If you’ve had Hair extensions, you would know the annoying part about them looking and feeling ‘STRINGY’. Well when using wefts, it’s continuous round the head on a track along the scalp. This means no gaps in your Extensions, so no feeling stringy ever! only full luscious hair. You don’t have to worry about teasing and hiding tapes or beads which damages your hair over time. We also colour the roots of the extensions to match your root colour so it looks so natural, even when growing out.

How much hair will I need?

We will explain thoroughly in your initial consultation, how much and where you need the extra hair. This is based on a few things, like why you’re having the install… for thickness or length or both. Also how much time you’re prepared to spend on it, and things like colour result and lifestyle all impact the outcome. You can have 1 row if just for thickness, or up to 3 rows for transformations with a lot of added length.

Can I swim, sunbath and sweat like normal?

Like many Hair Extensions, there are definitely Do’s and Don’ts to follow. Swimming is a big no no, like all hair extensions, Sun- not a problem, but use treatments regularly to keep the hair soft. . Sweating sure go your hardest, BUT you must always dry them thoroughly if you’re not washing them after a workout.

How do I wash, style and rock my Extensions?

We will advise you on what products we’ve found to be best for our hair, but Davroe is our go to with all the natural ingredients and hydrating benefits. You will receive your very own wet brush to use everyday and we swear by it, for all hair! Washing is as it always was, it may just take a little more care, but scrub everywhere you can feel scalp, and condition all hair as normal through mid lengths and ends. A great treatment every other wash is always a strong recommendation by us.

How often Do I need to come for a Relift?

Everyone is different with this one, it really depends on the health and speed of your growth. A normal relift is between 6-8 weeks. We snip the stitching, comb through your hair to remove any normal fallout, straighten and resew your wefts, Wash, treat and style your hair back to perfection.




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