With the never-ending hair trends that keep evolving… it’s hard to keep up! But one thing that never goes out of style… is a great BLONDE! 

From different colouring techniques like balayage, on scalp lightening and all sorts of foils, to the different tones of blondes – icy, creamy, honey, grey, caramel, the options are endless, but that means now, there’s something to suit EVERYONE! 

Hair condition comes FIRST to our stylists here at SJ’s…. Social media, particularly Instagram, has become increasingly popular with hashtags that show many styles and looks of all things blonde… Such as #foilayage #balayage #blondesdoitbest. However, this has caused unrealistic standards in believing we can achieve a gorgeous icy blonde in one sitting. Our advice …. Back it up girlfriend; we’ll get there, but CONDITION always comes first.

Blondes seem to have this reputation that the hair is always ‘damaged’ or ‘fried’. Yes, lightening is taxing on the hair, but with REVOLUTIONARY products like our MATRIX BOND that can be used during the lightening service as well as taken home have changed the game! These products add amazing protection to the hair bonds to limit damage where possible. 

Maintaining the perfect blonde can feel like it’s constant work with care and upkeep, unfortunately it is for most Blondes!

As a guide, here’s our run down on how we recommend you keep your blonde as shiny and healthy as possible…


As you’ll see, there’s the high maintenance approach and the more relaxed upkeep. However, hair texture, hair growth and how long clients can handle looking at their regrowth are all factors that determine your timeline between appointments. 

Scalp Lightener: 4-5 weeks 

Natural Foils: 6-8 weeks 

Balayage and Foilyage: 8-10 weeks 

Toners: Every appointment, for some, more between appointments


Toners are an essential part being a blonde! 

This is where we can apply the correct tone to achieve your blonde goals. 

Here at SJ’s, we believe in looking at the hair properly after lightening and allowing the toner to completely process, not a rushed job at the basin. Yes, it’s extra time in your service but this is a step we cannot miss unless yellows and golds are your end goals… 

The length of time we leave it on for, can determine how long it lasts; just as how you take care of it at home can.


Purple shampoo and Conditioners have grown VERY popular and can be found in most local supermarkets and chemists… but remember these are watered down versions so may not do anything to your hair. 

We’ve tried our fair share, but our go too is the ‘Silver Shine’ by Milk Shake. we are amazed at how beautiful our blondes still look when they come back after 6-8 weeks after using the Silver Shine at home.

We recommend this to be used differently depending on your shade of blonde. If you like it ashy then it’s all the time, if it’s a Sandy beige you’re after, then every other time alternating with a hydrating shampoo is what we Recommend. Why? Purple shampoo will build up tone in the hair so when constantly used, you’ll get a stronger toned effect. 

Next is TREATMENT, TREATMENT, TREATMENT!! We like to pair looking after our colour with looking after our condition. With an Intensive Treatment once a week, we know that well hydrated hair can hold its colour for much longer. The DAVROE MCT Treatment and the MATRIX PRO SOLUTIONIST are our faves.


This is key! Have you all heard PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE?

Well, it couldn’t be more true for blondes.

Heat protectors are your best friend, on wet hair before blow-drying if you’re good, but ESPECIALLY when using straightening irons and curlers. If you don’t want the type of layers that just appear (AKA BREAKAGE) then make sure you spray every section before heat styling.

So, now that you have a great understanding on how to maintain your luscious blonde locks.. we look forward to seeing them in salon when you need us.


Melissa and the SJ Team

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