Yes, with COVID came the lockdowns, which meant so did the greys, YouTube fringes and the ‘why not’ blondes. Luckily in Adelaide, we didn’t have the extreme restrictions like overseas or even Melbourne, so we only had a few fringes to fix and sparkles to cover unlike some of my friends around the globe when they reopened…..

We’ve seen the perfect shade of sunshine yellow, The Joe exotic Classic and Bangs that wont need trimming for 6 months!

Luckily none of those were our clients but there’s been some horror stories. In all seriousness, how we look contributes hugely to how we feel, so we knew how important it was for people to be back in our chairs feeling fresh and like their normal selves again. With so many restrictions on travel, it’s been the perfect time to focus on change – In between renovations and online shopping of course. So I’ve put together some of the key trends we’ve been loving and creating in salon post COVID…..

Big Layered Curls…

Even Adding A Fringe

For those who like to play with fuller silhouettes, try these on for size. Natural curls and waves are the perfect texture to wear wild and create shape. Right now, I’m loving putting a fringe with that, My Tip – shorter and piecey is my recommendation to help open up the face highlighting eyes and cheekbones.

Textured Fun Bobs – worn with bends and messier shapes

One of my all time Faves hands down! why…..? Its easy, there’s no wrong bend and it takes 5 minutes! You can fringe or not fringe and use a round tong or straightener, but the key here is let it dry naturally. My hot tip – wash at night, scrunch in a leave in moisturiser and a thickening foam and watch your favourite Netflix series. In the morning shake it out and use your tool of choice on 8-10 sections throughout the head to bend, BUT leave the ends out and VOILA. Dry shampoo for the next 2 days and it’ll be amazing by the night of day 2!

Shaggy lengths – using bangs and Layers especially round the front

This works for any hair type. A slight kink – you’ll increase movement, straight hair – you’ll increase volume and curls just WOW shape. The trick is a very good well balanced cut. A lighter feeling, with a lot of weight removed from thicker hair types. Root lift and texture sprays are key, aim for height when drying so upside down and get that diffuser back out! piece it out with a dry texture spray and a powder for hold in those roots. My hot tip here, use colour to accentuate the front sides and fringe.

COLOUR is heading Bronde….

Is it blonde or is it brunette, is it a brand new shade? If you can’t decide, it’s probably “Bronde.” This versatile color is perfect all year round – adding a few more highlights in Summer and a deeper, warmer toner in winter. Creating depth and warmth in your color will get you the perfect balance of Bronde. BEST BIT…. I’ve never seen it not suit someone, there’s a shade for everyone and changeable every season.

Well hopefully there’s something that sparked an idea or two for you, if not come see us and let our highly trained and skilled Adelaide-based hair stylists sit and work it out with you. During your consult we can explore pictures, talk lifestyle and timing, price and maintenance so we can make sure it’s perfect and unique to YOU!

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