Are you tired of using ALL of the right products, shampoo with “no silicone” or conditioner with “no sulphates”, and still waiting months for your hair to grow out?

Are you struggling to thicken up what’s left of your hair after years of bleach exposure?

Do you want to add brightness to your hair without damaging it using harsh chemicals?

Do you want to add volume and length, without the risk of further damaging your hair with the heat and chemicals that are integrated in many traditional hair extension methods?

You spoke, and we listened…

What if we told you that we can offer you a completely customisable service that can answer ALL of your problems? No glue, no heat… simply extra length and volume that encourages hair growth at the same time.

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Wrong… look no further than Yovanka Loria Weft Hair Extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions offer a variety of benefits that traditional methods, such as beads and tapes, cannot provide. One of the biggest advantages of using Weft Hair Extensions is that they require absolutely NO glue… no glue means no mess, no fuss, and no potential to damage your natural hair with harsh chemicals.

Unlike tape and bead extensions, that require the hair to be placed various small sections of the hair, Weft Extensions are sewn into your hair, in an even, discreet line across the scalp, for a natural, evenly distributed, and seamless look.

Another benefit of Weft Hair Extensions is that they require no heat. Traditional hair extension installation methods often require the use of hot tools, which can damage your natural hair and leave it brittle and prone to breakage.

Weft Extensions, on the other hand, can be sewn into your hair without the use of any heat, using nylon thread, a thread embodied of a thin and smooth texture that assists in a tangle free, flat and seamless installation, leaving your natural hair healthy and strong.

In addition to the above, Weft Hair Extensions actually encourage natural hair growth. I know it sounds unlikely, but it’s true! Let us explain how… By adding the extra evenly distributed weight and volume to your hair, Weft Extensions can stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and encourage the growth of new hair follicles. This means that not only will you have longer, fuller hair, but you may also experience improvement in hair health overall.

You might be thinking you’ve heard it all, and maybe we’ve already convinced you that Weft Extensions are the way to go… but the benefits of Weft Hair Extensions don’t stop there.
Because our Yovanka Loria Weft Hair Extensions are made from real, ethically sourced human hair, they look and feel just like your natural hair. Yovanka Loria Extensions aren’t dense in thickness or weight, so they’re not heavy and time consuming to dry like many other traditional hair extension brands available in the market.

Instead, Yovanka Loria extensions are created using fair, lightweight hair sourced and selected specifically from cultural backgrounds. Not only do Yovanka Loria Weft Extensions dry at the same rate as your natural hair, but they can be styled in the same way you style your real hair, using hot tools, styling products, and even hair dye! With Yovanka Loria Weft Extensions, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural, and effective way to add volume and length to your hair, consider weft hair extensions. With their easy installation process, no requirement for heat or glue, and potential to encourage hair growth, they are the perfect choice for anyone who want to achieve the voluminous, long hair of their dreams!

Head to our website to book your consultation and take the first step in the right direction… the walk towards your dream hair!

Love, Sj Establishment x