As the days grow longer and the cafe locals start to opt for the hot latte over the iced option, there’s a notable sense of renewal and energy in the air – it’s finally spring. Now, what better way to celebrate a change in season than with a fresh and healthy hair colour that perfectly corresponds with both the weather and your features? At SJ Establishment, we’re all about taking the creative leap, and that’s why we’re thrilled to present you with the latest seasonal trends alongside a step by step guide that will ensure you get your new seasonal colour just right.

Spring’s Palette: It’s Time for a Refresh…

Blush Blonde:
Capture the essence of delicate blossoms with seasonally trending colour: blush blonde. This soft yet warm shade adds a touch of romance to your look, enjoy a bright look that reflects the gentle hues of spring flowers.

Pastel Hues:
Why should flowers have all the fun? Maybe it’s time to take a more creative approach instead. Pastel hair colours like lavender, mint, and peach can give you a head turning yet subtle appearance that’s perfect for the season.

Honeyed Brunette:
For those clients who prefer darker shades, consider a honeyed brunette. Infused with warm undertones, this colour mimics the sun’s gentle touch on a spring day and perfectly corresponds with any skin tone or eye colour.

Sun-Kissed Balayage:
Bring the sun’s glow directly to your hair with a sun-kissed balayage. This technique adds natural-looking highlights that beautifully mimic the way the sun highlights your strands. This is the perfect way to add dimension by flaunting the effects of vitamin D.

Next Up…
Tips for Getting Your Spring Hair Colour Right:

Consultation is Key: Before making a colour choice, it is vital that you consult with a professional stylist at SJ Establishment. They’ll assess your hair’s condition, texture, and undertones in order to recommend the shade, style and undertones that will best suit you.

Consider Your Skin Tone: The right hair colour should always complement your skin tone. For reference, cool tones work well with ashy or pastel shades, while warm tones harmonise perfectly with golden and honey hues.

Opt for a Gradual Transition: If you’re making a significant change, consider a gradual transition. Start with a shade that’s closer to your current colour and work your way to your desired hue.

Maintenance Matters: Vibrant spring colours may require more maintenance than traditional shades. Be prepared for touch-ups and invest in colour-safe hair care products to preserve your new look.

Healthy Hair, Happy Colour: Ensure your hair is in good condition before colouring. Regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and using quality hair products can help maintain healthy, vibrant colour.

At SJ Establishment, our close knit team are passionate about helping you achieve the perfect look that reflects your personality and compliments your natural features.

Whether you’re opting for soft pastels, warm tones, or sun-kissed highlights, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Book a consultation today and get ready to dive into the seasonal change your hair has been longing for!