At SJ Establishment, we love to celebrate all Adelaide Artists, not just from the HAIR world.

In Salon, we have a revolving Art program, where we have a variety of local Artists gracing our walls with their work each month. During our first year, we have celebrated 12 Local Artists at SJ’s and seen 10 unique Art pieces going into their new homes around Adelaide.

Some of our Artists are well known in Australia, whilst others have done their very first exhibitions here. Two of our newbie artists have either sold their work or been contacted to do custom pieces for our clients.

We’ve been a regular venue during Sala and Adelaide Fringe 2019 & 2020 and have a lot planned for 2021 and beyond.

Our Fringe Brush Party Artist, Caroline Wall with her Artistic flare and dynamic Energy brings a lot of fun to our evenings hosted by SJ Establishment over the summer. Champagne, grazing, and music whilst you paint in the salon, by following Caroline’s lead.

The talented Heather Little and Renee Goulding have been our feature Artists during Adelaide Sala Festival for 2019 & 2020. We love hosting our events to celebrate and highlight the incredible local talent we are surrounded by, to help spread the word for them among our community and local Prospect families.  

This is our fabulous Art Family and we can’t wait to see it grow.



Caroline Wall studied at the North Adelaide School of Art and has had a lot of different aspects to her artistic career. Caroline has held 3 successful brush parties at SJ Establishment, with many more to come.


Catherine Phyllis has a major in painting and a strong interest in digital art, she combines the two to create visually dynamic pieces. Her work, which uses Pop Art and The Vaporwave movement as inspiration, sees glitches, neon, and classical sculptures
combine in an explosion of colour and eye-catching imagery.


De Greer-Yindimincarlie is the owner/operator of Yindi Artz – Authentic Aboriginal Creations which had been operating on the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years but is now located in the stunning Kaurna country. Yindi Artz creates exciting and innovative works across a variety of mediums.


Emile Pearson an emerging artist who resides in Adelaide & the Fleurieu Peninsula. Emile has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at the University of South Australia. He feels a connection to nature and the beautiful isolation the country offers. His work meanders between figurative realism and abstraction. He practices photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, and public art.


Felicity Erne is a young student artist who enjoys producing works of the human form and body movements, of which she captures an individual and unique style utilising charcoal, acrylic, and oils.


Heather Little incorporates the use of vibrant colour teamed with rich textural tones ensures to make an instant impact. Popular with the art purchasing public, Heather has worked on consignment at a number of locations throughout South Australia.


Karen works with watercolours, acrylic and resin. She loves the sun and water and a lot of my paintings reflect the colours and the calmness water brings.  Karen also has a passion for painting to suit the modern contemporary house – with large abstracts paintings. 


Kate Erne is a self-taught artist and uses acrylic as her preferred medium. Through abstract imagery she enjoys allowing others to delve deep into their own thoughts and ideas. Kate has showcased at many art events, such as St Peter’s Cathedral, SALA and fundraising shows. 


Nature Nurturing Cards mission is to fill the gap in the market for beautiful, affordable and sustainable greeting cards! Their cards are 100% plantable with native flowers and owned and made locally in Port Noarlunga.


Renee Goulding creates hand painted pieces of art designed to bring happiness and inject colour into the lives they land in. Australian natives feature heavily in her work as she has set out to embark on combining all her passions onto the canvas. Painting, drawing and working freely with colour with no boundaries, Renee hand paints her bright and fresh art where colour is celebrated and her instinctive approach embraces where each splatter and stroke lands.


Jayne is a self-taught abstract artist and qualified hairdresser from South Australia. Art has always played a major role in her life.

Jayne creates modern original artwork for the home interior. She finds inspiration in the every day, often spending time photographing the world around her with nature having a big influence on the way she selects colours, textures and patterns.

Her painting styles are free-form, allowing the paint palette to find freedom to blend and merge on the canvas. Sometimes Less is more, and we are thrilled to have her feature with us for the first time.